Rainy Season Is Nigh!

Where you out and about the Maltese islands and it suddenly started raining? Let me guess, no umbrella or poncho was in your vicinity and you ended up going through your day looking like a soaked cat? No worries, we’ve got you covered (pun intended).

Whilst umbrellas are the general go to option, ponchos will help you make sure that your outfit doesn’t get a single raindrop on it. Our waterproof ponchos come in two different options; one of which sports a case with a carabiner clip.

What’s All the Buzz with Tech-Merch?

The more technology advances the more humanity becomes dependent on it leading to the need for different technological merchandise to be invented and sold.

For anyone terrified of ending up with a dead mobile phone, a portable battery would be a necessary tool for them to use if they’re caught outside with no place where to plug their chargers, some of which come in various colours.