Wine Lover? We Have All You Need!

Every dinner, whether romantic or not, wouldn’t be the same without opening a bottle of wine and immersing your tastebuds in its deliciousness. Therefore, before opening your next wine bottle make sure you have all the tools you need to become a wine connoisseur.

Get yourself a vacuum wine stopper that costs only €2.64. This will secure that your wine stays in tact the second you say no more and put the bottle away for the next day. We all know that the best wine is served cold.

It’s a Cold Cold Winter

With one of the coldest winters in the last decade, Maltese people have been looking for additional ways and means of covering themselves better in order to keep warm and avoid getting a dreaded cold.

Coming in a rainbow of colours, our polar fleece scarves will most definitely keep your neck warm this winter. Getting one in each colour will rest your head that you’ll have one that matches every outfit combination possible! And you know, scarves always help to spice up an outfit just a little bit more!

Rainy Season Is Nigh!

Where you out and about the Maltese islands and it suddenly started raining? Let me guess, no umbrella or poncho was in your vicinity and you ended up going through your day looking like a soaked cat? No worries, we’ve got you covered (pun intended).

Whilst umbrellas are the general go to option, ponchos will help you make sure that your outfit doesn’t get a single raindrop on it. Our waterproof ponchos come in two different options; one of which sports a case with a carabiner clip.