Show Off Your Brand on the Beaches!

With the extent of the heat that takes over the Maltese Islands in summer, many flock to one of Malta’s or Gozo’s sandy and rocky beaches in order to cool down by taking a swim or laying in the sun for some tan.

Every journey to the beach requires at least taking a beach towel with you. Branding beach towels will not only serve as a way to give something back to your loyal clients for buying your products or services, bit it is also a guarantee that your branded item won’t go to waste.

The Practicality of Foldable Bags

Apart from being quite handy, many fabric bags come with the added bonus of being foldable, meaning they can easily fit in your handbags or pockets. Merchandise Malta offers a variety of foldable bags coming in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Our thermo sealed foldable bags are great for keeping all your frozen items or warm pots of soup at the required temperature, and what’s even greater is that they come in 5 different colours making it easier to brand these bags with your company logo, mainly red, orange, green, light blue and navy blue.

Making School Fun!

One thing many children dread is going to school. Having to wake up early in the morning, wearing that ugly uniform and spending a whole day behind a desk absorbing information eventually gets boring, especially if you don’t try to spice it up a little. Here’s where you come in.

Children (and adults alike) love stationery, especially if it’s colourful and they will use it, a lot. Then why not distribute some kid friendly and branded stationery?

Some Affordable Giveaways!

One thing that is for sure is that people love free stuff. However this might prove to be a huge headache as well as an expense for companies. What would you say if I tell you that you can still get some lovely give-aways that won’t break your company’s bank.

Starting from Mars and Sena ball pens coming in a rainbow of colours that will surely match the branding of your company.