Useful Stuff for Summer

With summer just around the corner, now is the right time to brand some cool gadgets that can be used during summer.

When the heat gets too much a facial sprayer might do the trick. Holding 110ml of cool and fresh water, this sprayer will save you when spending a long time outside in the sun. Or how about branding some touch screen pouches for smartphones or tablets? They can hold your phone or tablet in a waterproof case when visiting the beach.

For all smokers out there, a branded beach ashtray might come in handy. Coming in a variety of colours,

The Practicality of Foldable Bags

Apart from being quite handy, many fabric bags come with the added bonus of being foldable, meaning they can easily fit in your handbags or pockets. Merchandise Malta offers a variety of foldable bags coming in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Our thermo sealed foldable bags are great for keeping all your frozen items or warm pots of soup at the required temperature, and what’s even greater is that they come in 5 different colours making it easier to brand these bags with your company logo, mainly red, orange, green, light blue and navy blue.

Christmas is Round the Corner!

Christmas is the best time to show your employees how much you appreciate them and the hard work they put into bringing success towards your company.

What better way to do this than getting them a small token off appreciation that they will most definitely hold close to heart and make frequent use of? Don’t fret, we’ll help you out in this quest!

Back to the Office Routine!

Now that you’re back at your desk, a few stationery additions are a must to kick off the work week. Get yourself an elegant microfibre binder that’s perfect for meetings or presentations. Keep your documents tidy and organised in an A4 folder. The cardboard finish makes them not only minimalistically stylish and durable, but also recyclable. Additionally, spiral flip notepads are always great to keep at the side of your keyboard especially for quick notes (or that absent minded doodle or two).

Your Teapot Needs a Logo…

Whoever said that products need to be drab, plain and boring?

Yes, the products that you’re using in your outlets can sometimes be dreary-looking objects with a more practical, rather than an aesthetic, use. Nowadays, however, it is not necessary to sacrifice one for the other. Why not have both? Why not also make the product your marketing tool?

Creating a logo is one thing. Placing it on all of your products is another: From tea chests to coffee mugs, from vinegar sprayers to bottle openers, from menus to bread bags, we have got your catering branding needs sorted. Such an investment serves an essential double purpose

Keeping Fit? Some Branding Ideas!

It’s hard to convince yourself to get off the couch when lacking incentive. That’s why we’ve got you covered – from polyester wrist bands to essentials like sports bottles for cooling off, as well as an array of safety and convenience products.

LED lights are great for keeping you safe and visible during the night. Now you’re free to choose the best exercise slot for you.

Are Keychains Ever Useful?

How many of the keychains dangling to your keys are actually useful? I bet close to none. However there are various keychains that are very useful in day-to-day life, just as the following ones!

How annoying is it when your glasses and phones are all covered in finger prints and nothing seems to want to clean them up? Well, now you can have our keyring with support for the phone and a screen cleaner, or our touch tip keychain with LCD screen cleaner!

Some Items You Have To Stock For Summer!

We’ve got all the summer essentials ready for you, whether you’re relaxing by the pool or enjoying the great outdoors. Our range of cooler bags come in every size, shape and form imaginable. If you need help beating the heat, we’ve got you covered with a number of sun visors and straw hats in a variety of colours to choose from.

And what more… we can brand all these items for you!

Is Merchandise a Waste of Money?

Budgeting is always a challenging task. Merchandise might be considered by some to be an added bonus for the companies that have money to waste. In reality, it is an essential part of your brand awareness. The return on your investment will be there over a period of months. It is advisable to allocate a percentage of the budget on innovative merchandise!