5 Essential Items To Create The Perfect BBQ Kit

If there’s one thing the month of May brings with it, it’s the promise of the incoming summer, and that means that barbecue season is upon us. Naturally, that brings with it the question: is your BBQ gear in order? Whether you’re looking to replace what you’ve already got or maybe you want to add to your current arsenal of culinary components, here are five essential items that will take your barbecue game to the next level.  

Nothing beats convenience

If it’s an outdoor barbecue that you’re planning, then you’ll need something convenient to carry around and that’s where this stainless-steel portable suitcase barbecue comes in. Compact and easy to carry around, it also has a layer grill and stands at the bottom for support. The grill measures 27.3×18.6×10 cm while the whole package together with its box comes in a very handy 29.7×22.5×7 cm.

And if convenience is what you’re after, then this cooking device might be just as appealing as the food you’ll be cooking. This six-function barbecue set puts together a corkscrew, opener, capsule cutter, fork, paddle and brush into one handy tool, saving you plenty of space and time switching between different utensils.

Keeping things cool

Much as your BBQ set is essential, so is a cooler to keep your food and drinks as fresh as can be until needed. This picnic cooler backpack does more than that though; it’s got practically all you need for an outdoor BBQ. The front pocket contains a picnic blanket, a utensil holder with a 4-person set of forks, knives, spoons, plates, cups and cotton napkins, salt and pepper shakers as well as a chopping board and corkscrew.

The back pocket is padded with thermal coating, which is where you can store your food, while the side pocket is also thermal coated and can serve as your wine cooler. Quite simply, this item sets the stage to make your outdoor barbecue a pleasant experience.

Time for wine

While we can’t educate you on which wine goes with which cut of meat, what we can do is provide you with a basic wine set that comes in a wine bottle-shaped case. Contained in this 6.3 x 23.6 cm package is a corkscrew with a sommelier knife, stopper with lid and drip stopper.

 And since we’re on the subject of wine, make that any additional bottles of wine are being kept at the desired temperature with this natural cork cooler that has liquid coolant on the inside, a watertight finish, adjustable velcro closure and caters for bottles that are up to 11cm in diameter at the base.


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