A little party never hurt anybody

Do you enjoy a good dinner party, or how about a nice evening with some friends and a bottle of wine? Merchandise Malta has the perfect selection of products to give any evening a touch of class.

Cracking open a fancy bottle of wine can be quite the task, especially when you are not well equipped. With Merchandise Malta’s Wine Set you will have everything you need for that perfect glass. The set is equipped with a corkscrew that has a blade. Also, it has all the tools to get the right pour: a collar, a pourer with a lid and stopper. All of these great items are stored away in a neat bamboo and zinc case that can even hold a bottle of wine.

What goes well with that bottle of wine you just opened? Well obviously some appetisers. With Merchandise Malta you can have an Appetiser Board that serves three different snacks. This wonderful board comes with two collapsable bowls, making storage a breeze. The bowls would be great for some dip or cheeses. In the middle of the board there is plenty of space for some crackers or crisps that will pair nicely with your other sides.

Wondering what every wine enthusiast should have in their tool kit? The answer is simple –  Merchandise Malta’s Digital Wine Thermometer. This amazing device is perfect for anyone who’s trying to keep their wine collection at the right temperature. Get that perfect glass of wine with Merchandise Malta.


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