Appreciation Post: Why Workers’ Day Isn’t The Only Day To Give Your Employees Branded Merch

Of all the ways to show appreciation for your employees and team, few drive brand appreciation quite like branded merchandise. Additionally, with International Workers’ Day just around the bend on May 1st, it’s worth understanding that it doesn’t need to be the only day to show appreciation for the work and effort your team puts into their jobs.


However, simply handing out merchandise is not the right way to go about it; there needs to be thought and heart behind gifting, similar to the art of client gifting. So, here’s how to gift branded merchandise to your team to help inspire them throughout the year!


Building a positive work culture

The purpose of these types of gifts, aside from rewarding your team for their hard work, is to help build an emotional connection to the company and brand. Look at your workers’ routines and understand what they need to make their tasks smoother. It could be something simple such as notepads to jot down ideas, headphones to help them focus on certain tasks, and items to personalise, like mugs, gift sets, phone cases and the like.



 It’s also worth considering items not tied to the workplace but are brandable – think caps, smart watches, bags, and BBQ sets. If you match the item with a hobby that the employee in question is interested in, it will show that you are rewarding them for their efforts and taking an interest in them personally. By investing yourself in the relationship, the same way the team will become more invested in the brand.


This results in a positive work culture where everyone pulls in the same direction and all have the company’s best interest at heart.


Don’t timing deter you

It’s always a good time to show your appreciation; different seasons throughout the year present various opportunities to display this. In winter, for example, scarves and hoodies are undoubtedly great options. However, with summer just around the bend and the sun’s beginning to flex its strength, caps, umbrellas, cooler bags and beach mats should be in your thoughts.


You can also time personalized gifts to coincide with important dates, such as birthdays or employment anniversaries. There’s so much more to people than their salaries, and these gestures can go a long way to reinforcing the thought that your employees are more than that to you. Acknowledging efforts and the person behind them is evidence that you care.


The motion of emotion

Establishing a three-way emotional link between employee, employer, and brand is a challenging feat, which is where Merchandise Malta comes in. Our wealth of experience puts us in good stead when choosing brandable items as gifts for your employees. With some insight from your end, we can guide you in selecting the right products for the right people to increase your company’s productivity while also raising morale. Get in touch with our sales team today to find out more!

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