Carry Your Brand Everywhere!

Day in day out, one thing everyone does at some point throughout their busy life is go shop for some necessities. With a world that is constantly going green, many tend to opt to using fabric bags to hold their shopping items. So how about branding a batch of bags that will most definitely be used by your clients and push the image of your brand even more in the public’s eye?

Here at Merchandise Malta we offer a large selection of different fabric bags, coming in all shapes, sizes, makes and colours. Our non-woven shoulder bags come in 5 different colours: black, orange, blue, red and cream. They’re truly fantastic for people who go all out in their shopping sprees and basically don’t have enough hands for all the shopping bags required.

If you prefer carrying the items with the strength of both your shoulders, then you might want to look into our drawstring bag that comes with a front pocket and cable slot for your headphones. Moreover, these bags come in white and a choice of black, blue or red accents.

Another fantastic option is our reflective drawstring bag. Coming in yellow and orange, the reflective materials make it the best option for all those who are adventurous and go night hiking or riding bikes at night. These bags will not only hold all your belongings, but they will make sure you are not run over by any cars in the process.

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