The Practicality of Foldable Bags

Apart from being quite handy, many fabric bags come with the added bonus of being foldable, meaning they can easily fit in your handbags or pockets. Merchandise Malta offers a variety of foldable bags coming in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Our thermo sealed foldable bags are great for keeping all your frozen items or warm pots of soup at the required temperature, and what’s even greater is that they come in 5 different colours making it easier to brand these bags with your company logo, mainly red, orange, green, light blue and navy blue.

Another option could be our non-woven foldable bag which comes with a front pocket upon which your logo can be printed. This bag also comes in a variety of colours  including yellow, green, red, orange and blue and is supplied folded. Or else you might like to opt for a similar bag which comes with a button seal rather than a pocket.

A fantastic creation is our foldable bag that can be tied in and within itself through a tightening seal on the right hand corner of the bag. Coming in orange red, white, blue and green, these bags will fit in any handbag and pocket and prove to come in handy when necessary!

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