Are Keychains Ever Useful?

How many of the keychains dangling to your keys are actually useful? I bet close to none. However there are various keychains that are very useful in day-to-day life, just as the following ones!

It wouldn’t be the first time when you can’t find something in your bag or you’re looking for something in your car when it’s dark. In such a case, our safety light keychain would be ever so useful.

How about our compass keychain for when you lose your direction? Or a mini UDP flash drive, god knows they come in handy whenever you quickly need to copy some file for safe keeping.

We also have got the beer lovers covered assuring they are never caught without a bottle opener, as they can now have a metal one attached to their keys. Not to mention it includes also an LED!

How annoying is it when your glasses and phones are all covered in finger prints and nothing seems to want to clean them up? Well, now you can have our keyring with support for the phone and a screen cleaner, or our touch tip keychain with LCD screen cleaner!

Useful, right?

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