Handy & Innovative Technology

Technology is one of those things that’s always advancing and changing, and surely one of those things that remain the fascination of many. What’s even more intriguing is the growing need to create multi-purpose tech that attracts the eye and is as useful as possible. Now picture such a tech item with your brand logo plastered on it. It’s bound to look fantastic!

It wouldn’t be the first time you risk your phone falling into your bath tub as you attempt to listen to some relaxing music while covered in bubble bath. Waterproof speakers exist and they’re a blessing made by tech people for humanity. Coming with a matt finish and a splendid Bluetooth connection, these waterproof speakers can last up to three hours and also allow you to answer calls and control volume. Moreover, the suction cup attached to the speaker allows you to stick it to anywhere, making sure it remains as handy as can be. Also, get yourself a touch screen pouch just to make sure your phone still remains untouched by water.

How many times did you leave home believing that you have with you a fully charged power bank in case your phone battery dies any time throughout your busy day, and when you come to use it you realise you forgot to charge it last night? You wouldn’t need to worry anymore if you opt for a portable battery that comes with its very own solar panel and LED.

Malta is known for the growing heat in Summer. Being in August, one of the smallest gifts you can give yourself and your clients would be a portable mini fan that works through a USB connection to your laptop. Our portable mini fans come in black, blue, green and white and are sure to go with any kind of branding your company maintains. Or else, if you love to read, you can get yourself one of our portable reading lights which also work through a USB connection.

If you’re one to forget a lot (don’t be ashamed of that – really and truly who doesn’t?) you might want to look into getting yourself a memo clip. While the memo clip holds your reminder up high on your desk or bedside table, it also comes with compartments which hold your phone and business cards! Talk about a combo deal.

Two things people don’t leave their houses without in the 21st century are a ball pen and a pen drive for anything that needs saving and printing, and important notes that need writing. What’s fantastic is the fact that Merchandise Malta can offer you a ball pen which comes with a metal clip and a UDP flash drive that attaches to the pen. You will never forget either ever again! But if you want to get yourself a phone holder on its own, we can supply you with that too.

Hurry up and get branding!

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