Let’s Get Back to Business

As September rolls in, the sweltering heat slowly starts lifting off our islands, offering a welcome respite for many. But with many students embarking back on their studies, and many others returning to a full day’s work, this respite is not long-lived.

Luckily, there many ways to sweeten this return. Take Fresher’s Week for example. Probably the busiest period on campus, it is incredibly tough for student organisations, often stuffed into cubicle-sized stands, to stand out. And with added competition from business firms and their seemingly castle-sized stands, this becomes even tougher.

But if you are a student organisation, don’t get disheartened and start thinking about selling that precious kidney so you can afford a luxurious stand. As a student myself, I can tell you that providing students with merchandise they will ACTUALLY use is often a much better idea. Stationary items such as diaries, pens, foolscaps and rulers will always come in handy. And I will bet you my last cent that students will be carrying your branded stationary everywhere on campus.

The same idea of giving usable merchandise also works well for corporate companies. But to make the best impression, I would suggest tailoring your merchandise to suit your clients’ profile. And since it is very likely that you would be targeting a smaller amount of people than what a student organisation would, merchandise of higher value items such as mugs, pen-drives, premium biros and high-quality bags would be recommended.

That said, these are just some quick ideas for merchandise which always work well. If you’re feeling more adventurous and have an idea of how to stand out via merchandise, we would be more than glad to hear from you and make it possible.

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