Conference Merchandise: How Branding The Right Merch Can Set You Apart

If you feel that it’s always conference season, it’s because the time is always right to host and meet clients, whether existing or potential. That’s why it’s also important to always be at the top of your game regarding conference essentials and merchandise. They’re a surefire way of getting noticed at events, and doing them right does your brand justice and gets people interested in what you have to offer.


The essentials

Rather than immediately focusing on what type of products are essential, think first of your recipients. What items are going to be meaningful to them? What will have a practical, daily use for them, and how functional is the merch you’re looking to gift them? It’s no use thinking of merch essentials solely regarding pencils, lanyards and other standards.

People want to work with personable brands that they can engage with, which means the merch you’re giving them must have some form of meaning. And, if you know that an existing client with whom you’ve already got a strong relationship is going to be there, don’t hesitate to go the extra mile and give them something more. Loyalty should always be rewarded, especially if it’s going to improve brand recognition and perception.

And speaking of loyalty, another string in your brand’s bow is your employees. If they’re at the conference, it’s pressure on them to perform as much as it is for you, sometimes even more so. So make sure to reward them, too, whether with branded merchandise made purposefully for them or something else entirely. Whatever you choose to do, remember, they are your voice to the outside world!

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Here’s what you need

So, we’ve established that your brand needs practical, functional, and, where necessary, meaningful merchandise. With that in mind, events and conferences are hotspots for plenty of merchandise gifting. Naturally, the recipients will need something to carry all those goodies in. Given we’re living in a digital age, and most attendees tend to be tech-savvy, a tech organiser makes for a convenient and functional merch option.

Branded USBs, wireless chargers, earbuds and screen cleaners are all items that make for trendy gift items right now, so having somewhere to store them neatly makes perfect sense. Having your logo on it could well be priceless.

And if tech organisers are a bit too specific for what you have in mind, we’ve got other options for you to explore. Whether the standard backpack, drawstring or tote bags, laptop carriers or document bags, they’re all brandable, so trust us when we say we’ve got you covered.


Ensuring a successful conference

Of course, the branded material and content are only part of what will make your appearance at an event successful. The post-event follow-up is equally important because your brand will continue to provide an experience to the merch user once the conference is over. The practicality and functionality of that item will determine the experience, which is why it’s so important to have products that matter. Adding thank-you notes, guest passes for future conferences, or even fabric wristbands for exclusive events involving your brand and some esteemed guests only adds more value to your brand!


Get in touch

Have any of the above items sparked your curiosity? Or maybe you’ve got something in mind that you’d like to slap your logo onto, but are unsure if it’s possible? Give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we’d be thrilled to discuss the options with you to ensure the best possible appearance at your next conference or event.

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