Making School Fun!

One thing many children dread is going to school. Having to wake up early in the morning, wearing that ugly uniform and spending a whole day behind a desk absorbing information eventually gets boring, especially if you don’t try to spice it up a little. Here’s where you come in.

Children (and adults alike) love stationery, especially if it’s colourful and they will use it, a lot. Then why not distribute some kid friendly and branded stationery? Starting from the one item that is constantly sitting in eye’s view on a desk, one of the main go to items for branding would be a pencil case and you can choose from one of our three colours: orange, green and blue.

After handing out a pencil case, you need to fill it up with something no? Why not go for one of our rubber sets on which you can print any logo your heart desires and matching it up with the pencil case too! If you want something that’s different, then we can give you that as well by printing your brand on a wooden doll ball pen. The fact that this ball pen is made out of wood already makes it stand out amongst all the other plastic ones, add a bear’s or frog’s face to it and you’ve turned it into one kid’s most favourite pen.

We all know how colouring is something many children adore doing. Therefore, why not distribute a branded pencil box with 6 colour pencils. The pencil case is made out of both cardboard and plastic and also includes a pencil sharpener. A great combo indeed!

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