Never Too Early to Save!

When we are little, our parents teach us that we need to save money for a rainy day. We never know when we’re going to need it and so they buy us our very first coin bank. Now think of it this way, what if they don’t need to buy a coin bank, and instead use your company’s freebie with your own brand printed on it. They will not only constantly see the brand, but will start looking at it as one in which they can trust.

There are a variety of coin banks you could opt for. An example which children would most definitely use and grow to love is our dolomite coin bank. The bottom lid comes off and the children can take the money out whenever they need it. Moreover it comes along in sweet gift box to compliment the ladybug, lion or car shaped coin bank.

If you’re more into sublimation, then a ceramic coin bank with a stopper underneath might be exactly what you need. This coin bank will allow you to print anything and everything your brand stands for on it, while keeping it fun for kids. The ceramic coin bank comes in a box.

Or maybe you’d like to keep it traditional and opt for a piggy shaped coin bank. The PVC coin bank not only had a bottom lid but it comes in a variety of colours which can complement your brand effectively.

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