Get ready for take off

Are you ready to take on your next travel adventure? If yes, then Merchandise Malta has the
perfect bundle of products to make your travel experience as comfortable as possible!
Merchandise Malta’s Travel Cup is sleek, durable and most importantly can hold a good
amount of liquid. This product is perfect for the outdoorsy type. You can take this cup
camping, hiking, fishing – the list is endless! The smooth surface of the mug makes it easy
for it to fit into any backpack. Also, its rubber like exterior provides the user with more grip,
making it perfect for holding in one’s hand.
Finding that perfect picnic spot can always be a pain, especially if the ground is rocky and
bumpy. Merchandise Malta has a Travel Blanket that is both compact and provides some
cushioning for its users! The lightweight blanket folds up into a neat rectangle and is
equipped with a handle making transport that much easier.
When packing for a holiday abroad or even a humble camping trip having the right bag for
loose toiletries is a necessity. This Travel Bag provides one with two pockets, meaning
plenty of storage for one’s toothbrush, soaps and so on. This little bag also comes with a
handle and can therefore be attached to a backpack, so it takes up less valuable space for
those outdoor trips! Merchandise Malta’s travel bag comes in two colours – a neutral grey
and a cool navy blue.
Getting comfortable on a plane is not always the easiest thing. From feeling cold, to noisy
passengers, or simply not being able to find the right head position. Plane rides can be
almost nightmarish for some travellers. However, Merchandise Malta has its customers
covered with a handy Travel Set! The set includes a neck pillow, sleeping mask, ear plugs
and some cosy socks. These items will surely aid making a flight experience that more
Need to travel light on your next trip? Can only use a backpack but fear your shoulders will
get tired from carrying it around? Then it sounds like the Laptop Trolley Backpack is a
perfect purchase for you. This lightweight backpack is a must have for any business man or
student who needs to take a short trip or even walk from class to class. The bag has wheels
concealed at its base making it easily transformable from a backpack to a wheely bag. Say
bye bye to shoulder pain, and hello to easy lightweight travel!
Is there anything more frustrating than having to lug around different adapters when going
abroad? Or, worse still, bringing the wrong one with you? With Merchandise Malta you can
purchase a Plug adapter for all countries. That’s right, one adapter that can be taken
anywhere! This great and convenient product is available in 11 different colours, so get

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