How To Choose The Right Branded Merchandise For Your Summer Campaign

With summer just around the bend, now’s the time to finalize your seasonal promotional campaign. Deciding which items work best for your brand is rarely easy, but fear not; Merchandise Malta is here to help! There are various products to choose from, and here’s how to determine which will work best for you.


Set clear objectives & targets

While seemingly obvious, the first step will significantly determine the type of product you go for, and that’s figuring out your target audience. Is it your current customers, new ones or both? Will you make these items available to your staff too? That’s right; you should remember that branded items are also a good way of reinforcing the company culture within your team to strengthen camaraderie.


In any case, the following characteristic of the products you choose to brand should be functionality and purpose. The last thing you want is to have spent a fair amount of your marketing budget on items that end up hidden away in some drawer or, worse, immediately disposed of. Naturally, this is intrinsically linked to your target audience.


Figure out what your target audience finds useful, whether it’s Bluetooth headphones, beach towels, backpacks, sunglasses and so on, and then see about branding that merch. As for purpose, is your branding objective one where you show your appreciation to your client base, or are you simply trying to keep your brand top of mind?


Location, location, location

While “location, location, location” is typically attributed to property, it’s also crucial for any branded products being handed out, especially for customers. Where and how will your clients get their hands on this merchandise, and where are you hosting the news? Will it be a social media giveaway or something they can pick up at a point of sale?


Branded merchandise also goes hand in hand with trade shows and fairs, plenty of which occur over the coming season. This will also be a deciding factor on which items you choose to brand since storage space could potentially be an issue. If there is little space within which to operate, smaller things that can be easily stored and handed out to people pacing around obviously work much better than larger products that are unwieldy or annoying to carry from stall to stall.


Finally, financials…

Your budget could easily be placed at the top of this guide because it will be critical in your branded product selection process. How much you’re willing to spend will dictate the quantity and quality of the product you go for, which is why it’s so important to decide what type of giveaway this will be.


Now that you’ve got all this info, why not chat with merchandise experts who can guide you towards selecting the correct items and absolutely nailing the campaign launch? Contact one of our team members, and we’ll be happy to talk budgets, products and ideas to ensure your summer branding is on point!

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