How To Identify When Your Brand Is Due A Refresh

The first thing to do is lay clear the difference between a brand refresh and a rebranding exercise. A refresh is when certain core elements are kept, and the changes are primarily cosmetic and on the surface. A rebrand is more of a total makeover. Either way, both are efficient ways of breathing new life into your company, though we’ll focus on the refresh aspect this time.

The Four Signs To Look Out For

So how do you know when it’s time for a refresh? If your company or brand has been around long, think back to the last time you looked at it from your customer’s point of view. The key aspects you should be looking at are your logo and packaging, as well as your purpose and audience. These are all interlinked because the logo and packaging are the first things people see of your brand. Your audience comes to you because your purpose fulfils their needs.

So, the questions you need to ask yourself are these. “Are my logo and packaging design outdated?” and “Has our audience changed, and is our purpose still the same?”. They might be challenging questions to answer, so getting some insight from an outside perspective is always good.

Also worth looking at is whether you’re about to embark on a new growth strategy (merging with another company, new investments and the like) or if you’re starting to look a bit too much like your competition. If all of these describe where your company’s at right now, then it’s time for a refresh!

How we can help

Now that you’ve established it’s time to revitalise your company, the following key step is how you launch it. Since refreshing tends to mean a logo update, you’d do well to consider slapping that hot new logo onto relevant merchandise. This is also where we, the experts in merchandise branding, step in.

We’ll be happy to set up a meeting in which we can discuss the options that work best for you and your brand, and there’s almost nothing we won’t be able to put your logo onto, whether it’s a soft relaunch or a headline event. We’ve got a plethora of products on our website, but there’s plenty more to choose from, too; drop us a call or e-mail, and we’ll give your brand the platform it needs to stand out!

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