How To Make Your Brand Stand Out In 2023

Standing out from your competition is only part of what branding is about. Therefore, your branding exercises should mainly focus on telling your brand’s story and establishing its identity via visual, written, or spoken cues.

There are plenty of such exercises to undertake that will elevate your brand to a new level in 2023, so we’ll take a look at the most important ones below!


People need to respond to it

Any brand should always strive to be relatable. Not necessarily to everyone, but at least to its target audience. Even companies that handle complex and technical products can do this because the essence of a product is to fill a gap in the market. Since you’re solving this problem, your marketing activities need to show which problem this is and how it impacts the community.

Intrinsically linked to this is the art of storytelling. As mentioned above, your brand has a story, even if it’s just joined the market! State your purpose and values with a clear brand tone of voice, share your customers’ experiences, and watch the world react and engage!


Putting value in values

People respond best when their values are reflected in the parent company of a brand they’re looking to buy. Therefore, it’s no longer enough to simply fill the market gap; you’ve got to operate responsibly as an entire organisation.

Sustainability, social responsibility and inclusivity are all values that have been key for some years and will continue to do so in 2023. Of course, embracing them should be a given, as it makes your company more complete and humane. Still, if customers can see a reflection of themselves in your brand, you will also ensure their loyalty, and your company can grow further.


How branded merchandise will help

Online presence is a must in this day and age. The amount of time spent on social media requires heavy investment across various platforms. This digital medium is crucial for getting your brand’s story across. However, one of the best ways of supporting this is with tangible branded merch!

If you’ve put in the hard yards in establishing what your brand is all about, you’ll want it to be recognised as quickly as possible, and you want your name and logo out there in as many different shapes as possible.

Branded items and promotional merchandise do precisely that, whether it’s via t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, or home and living products. The key here is to be relevant to your target audience. Put your branding on items they’re likely to use daily, and they’ll be thinking of you several times a day.


Get in touch

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