Innovative technology taken to a whole new level

From music to virtual reality, Merchandise Malta has got you covered! Now one can share
music with mood lighting using Merchandise Malta’s colour changing Bluetooth speaker! Take this with you to a festival or a party, or simply enjoy it at the comfort of your
home. What more? This speaker reads micros SD cards and can also be connected using a
Merchandise Malta not only ensures that you have cool gadgets for entertainment
purposes. What about workouts? How can you make your dreadful workouts more bearable
in the summer heat? Listen to music without using headphones while doing your workout,
and without having to carry more items with you with this speaker bottle! It connects
to your phone and other devices with Bluetooth and can also take a micro SD card.
In our busy lives, we definitely need some time to kick back, relax and cut ourselves off from
reality. Immerse yourself into a whole new reality with these VR glasses! Simply slide
your phone into these VR glasses and you experience a whole new world. It gives you a
whole 360 degree view of another reality. Suitable for both iOS and android it can be used
with any phone from 4.7” to 6”. Is this escapism taken to a whole new level or what?
I know what you’re thinking – how can I keep all these technological devices charged?
Merchandise Malta makes your life easier by ensuring your technological devices are always
fully charged no matter what by investing in this solar powered portable charger! No
need for sockets – simply connect your device with this charger and your device is ready to
use wherever, whenever!

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