Rainy Season Is Nigh!

Were you out and about the Maltese islands and it suddenly started raining? Let me guess, no umbrella or poncho was in your vicinity and you ended up going through your day looking like a soaked cat? No worries, we’ve got you covered (pun intended).

Whilst umbrellas are the general go to option, ponchos will help you make sure that your outfit doesn’t get a single raindrop on it. Our waterproof ponchos come in two different options; one of which sports a case with a carabiner clip. And let’s face it, adding your company’s logo to the case will make it the perfect freebie to hand out to your esteemed clients and employees.This particular poncho comes in 4 colours: red, blue, green and white. Our second waterproof poncho has a wider variety of colours, one of which will most definitely suit your company’s brand!

If ponchos are a no go for you, then our wide range of umbrellas will do the trick. Starting from the multitude of makes and colours, there will be one which most definitely fits your fancy (and your brand). Whether you want a wooden handle or a simple plastic one, whether you want an automatic umbrella or you’d like to do the work yourself, rest assured we’ve got one that is simply made for you!

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