Cool Ideas for Merchandise

When it comes to cool ideas for merchandise, the sky’s the limit. This can easily result in feeling lost amongst all the available choices.

Generally speaking, printed t-shirts and hoodies always work well. These products effectively provide you with a blank canvas to print your design. From hoodies with funny prints to t-shirts and tank tops with cool images and text, your wish is our command.

That said, while custom t-shirts and hoodies are fun to wear, they might just be inappropriate in some situations. Think of the face your boss will make should he or she walk in and find you wearing the shirt of your favourite football team or series. I don’t think he or she would be too impressed.

Luckily, most bosses will close an eye when it comes to custom designs of mugs. Most of us cannot do without a coffee break and custom mugs are great for communicating who we are and personalizing our office space.

If you would like to reach children instead, soft toys and similar merchandise can be a great idea.  A soft-toy version of your company’s mascot can grab the heart of young children in ways no other toys can.  And if you want your kids to get moving, other toys such as squash balls work wonders in dissipating the seemingly abundant amount of energy kids seem to have these days.

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