Make It Personal: Ideal Gifts For Female Employees & Working Moms

Even before the rise of remote and hybrid working, the work-life balance was teetering more towards the work side. That’s why, as a company, it’s so important to create an environment where business partners, employees, and clients know that they’re appreciated while they’re on the job as well as outside work.


One of the best ways of showing this gratitude is through customized gifts. Still, to ensure you’re hitting the nail on the head, you’ve got to pick the genuinely useful gifts and not just tick off a task from the corporate list, especially with Mother’s Day coming up soon on the 14th of May. So, now’s the right time to show appreciation for the working women in your work sphere!


Cut out the noise & clutter

Organization is vital no matter where your workstation is, which goes for both the audible and visual aspects. However, keeping track of things is challenging if there’s lots of background noise and cluttered workspaces. That’s why banding together items such as wireless noise-canceling headphones with tech and desk organizers could help solve that issue.


Noise-cancelling headphones come in various colors and sizes, and you don’t need to break the bank for a good quality set. Tech organizers can help keep the working woman’s USB drives, chargers, and wired headphones safe, while desk organizers are timeless and almost always appreciated. Add some branding and a personal touch for the recipient to take them to the next level.


Good things, small packages

Coffee and tea tend to be the work beverages of choice for most, with one intended as an energy boost and the other to help soothe nerves on a stressful day. Therefore, why not create a hot beverage hamper consisting of different coffee roasts, teas, hot chocolate, a personalized mug, and a branded on-the-go cup? If you can tailor-make it to the person’s tastes, so much the better too!

You can also throw in a mug warmer that doubles as a wireless charging station, bringing the focus to practicality and usefulness.


Self-care set

After a hard day’s work, there are few things quite like a bit of self-care to melt the tension away. 

Bath bombs, memory foam cushions, sleep masks and hand creams can form part of a self-care hamper, which can be personalized by selecting scents likely to appeal to the recipient.

It’s a relatively direct way of reminding people to slow down, relax and recharge – it’s a mad enough world, and we need all the rest we can get!


Let’s wrap it up!

So, without further ado, now’s the time to pick the items you’d like to gift the extraordinary women in your workspace! Get in touch with us to find out what options are available regarding branding and personalization, and we’ll ensure you’ve got the best gifts possible for your special squad!

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