Show Off Your Brand on the Beaches!

With the extent of the heat that takes over the Maltese Islands in summer, many flock to one of Malta’s or Gozo’s sandy and rocky beaches in order to cool down by taking a swim or laying in the sun for some tan.

Every journey to the beach requires at least taking a beach towel with you. Branding beach towels will not only serve as a way to give something back to your loyal clients for buying your products or services, bit it is also a guarantee that your branded item won’t go to waste. You can choose one of our high quality cotton velvet towels that come in a non-woven bag. You can take your pick from light or dark blue, orange, red or green.

While sunbathing is all fun, especially when you get the sun tan you really want, staying too long in the sun and be detrimental to your health. Therefore, many opt to carry a sunshade umbrella with them to the beach, in order to protect themselves from the sun’s rays when it gets too much. Our sunshades, which can easily be branded, come in a carry-on pouch and you can pick and choose from a variety of colours including light or dark blue, green, red and white.

Finally, what’s going to the beach without a beach ball? Especially if meeting up with a group of friends. Branding one of our inflatable beach balls coming in red, blue, green or orange will guarantee that your band will be bouncing around a variety of beaches around the islands for all to see!

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