Undecided What To Wear?

We have all woke up, opened our wardrobe and felt like staring into the abyss. But this struggle is understandable. What we wear communicates who we are. So why should you feel guilty in trying to look your authentic best?

As winter rolls in, the cooler temperatures afford us more creative styling possibilities. Summer’s sweltering heat often restricts us to rather simplistic combinations. But try wearing a light summer dress or a t-shirt on a chilly winter night, and I’m pretty sure you’ll remember the chills more than the good times.

So what do you do? Well, you can cuddle up with someone. But a more sensible option would be to layer your clothes and go for something with a ticker fabric. And when it comes to comfort, the hoodie is the undisputed champ. It’s like wearing your beloved blanket while still having this ability to move around freely. Better yet, hoodies are very easy to customize and print on.

The biggest drawback of a hoodie is that, in some situations, other type of clothing is more appropriate. In such cases, jackets provide a great option. Jackets come in many different styles and materials, with some being easier to customize than others. Think of a biker’s jacket embellished with badges or an athletic jacket, compare it with a high-end denim or leather jacket, and you’ll get my idea.

The struggle of what to wear is real. Yet remember that at the end of the day, whatever you wear is a reflection of yourself and your beliefs.  We at Merchandise Malta are here to help you communicate just that.

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