Office Merchandise To Spice Up Your Team’s Return To Work In 2023!

The new year might be well underway by now, but refreshing your office merch is a timeless endeavour! Getting that done as the year unfolds is also a safe bet. However, adding a new look could be the mini-refresh you and your team didn’t know you needed.

Which items could be top of your list to help with this bit of new-year sprucing? And how can we help you ace the process from start to finish? Read to find out!


The Tailor-Made Approach

Given the way the working world has developed into a more hybrid system, some team members still opt for remote working. This highlights that there is no singular system that works equally for everyone. That diversity can be reflected in the merch you create for your team.

Instead of focusing solely on the same items for everyone just so that all feel included (and if the size of your team permits!), going for the tailor-made approach shows just how appreciated they are.

With unique packaging options available, you could have a standard set of items such as hoodies, stationery, mouse pads and the like, but then add a personal touch for each person. Consider including a supply of their favourite snack, a water bottle with their name, or a special coffee blend to go with a branded Thermos. All these are items you can include to show that you know your staff; you want them to be happy in their job, no matter where they conduct it from.


Putting the fun into functional

While the size of your team might be a factor that holds you back from getting something personalized for every member, it shouldn’t prevent you from creating something unique that will help them with productivity.

Branded notepads with matching pens that ensure fluid writing are two things you’ll always want to be stocked up on. Of course, that also goes for the rest of your standard office material, such as mugs, pencils and folders, but adding stickers also gives the team something to accessorize!

Keeping a few extra hoodies around the office isn’t a half-bad idea, either. Considering how some people might disagree over the air conditioning’s temperature, it could provide one quick solution to that discussion!


Speak with someone who knows

It’s no secret that we’re experts in this industry, so if any of the above has intrigued you, reach out to a member of our team. We’ll be happy to discuss all possible options with you, talk budgets and turnaround times and establish just how to spice up your office’s 2023!


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