Back to the Office Routine!

Now that you’re back at your desk, a few stationery additions are a must to kick off the work week. Get yourself an elegant microfibre binder that’s perfect for meetings or presentations. Keep your documents tidy and organised in an A4 folder. The cardboard finish makes them not only minimalistically stylish and durable, but also recyclable. Additionally, spiral flip notepads are always great to keep at the side of your keyboard especially for quick notes (or that absent minded doodle or two).

Reviewing reports and documents can be a long and arduous task. So get yourself a handy bookmark that not only keeps your place, but provides you with the tools to colour code your findings to your heart’s content. Also, don’t forget keeping a badge holder or two handy will never go remiss, or risk the death of your name tag five minutes into the first coffee break.

Like a small oasis for your desk, instead of a thirst quenching search for water, never lose track of your pen again by investing in a ball pen holder. To go with it, get yourself some aluminum ball pens that are sleek, stylish, and near impossible to destroy once you begin to chew it absent mindedly. You’re never going to have enough working pens in your life. Or maybe you prefer a pen that is fun and futuristic and functions as a great two in one with a touch tip for use with all of your gadgets. Finally, don’t forget to invest in some mini highlighters. The elimination of a bulky frame makes it simple for continued use in a remote location.

Voila – now you are equipped with some stationary that will surely spice up your work! Brand it, and your colleagues and clients will help out with marketing your company. You will be surprised how many times officeware can change hands!

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