A sports goal without a plan is just a wish

Having an active lifestyle is made easier when you have the right equipment to make your workouts smooth and successful. This is why Merchandise Malta offers some fantastic products to help you take your fitness goals to the next level!  Outdoor exercise during the winter months may have its challenges, which is why Merchandise Malta has stocked the Meifar neck warmer 5130 to ensure comfort and protection from the elements for those who enjoy exercising outside. This dynamic product can be used use as a bandana, head wrap or even a wrist band, to be used by anyone, anywhere!

When on the go it may be difficult to keep one’s smartphone nearby and yet not in the way. This is why Merchandise Malta provides the Kelan Arm Strap 5522; designed to make sure that when on the move, listening to music or communicating with others is made easy with the ability to use the phone through a PU touchscreen on the front of the arm band.

Whether its tracking calories burnt, the amount of movement made in a day or how many hours of sleep one has in a night, Merchandise Malta can make your life easier and keep you on track! The Beytel Fitbit 5599 is a highly technological, efficient and easy to use smart watch that you can connect to your mobile phone through an application that can keep track of your heart rate, sleeping patterns and also has an inbuilt pedometer that allows you to trace the amount of movement you’ve done throughout the day! The fitbit also allows you to keep track of events and calendars saved on your smartphone, notifies you of messages and calls and even features a remote camera!


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