Summer Gifting: How To Ace Your Corporate Gifts This Season!

Summer is a season that brings plenty of sentiment with it. For some, it’s the holiday season, the perfect time to escape life’s stresses and find time to recalibrate. Likewise, it’s an opportunity for brands and companies to breathe a new form of life into the brand through branded merchandise to hand out to corporate partners and employees.


Get gifting right

Corporate gifts at any stage are essential to get right, but never more so during summer. For many companies, it’s peak season in terms of sales, so placing them top of mind in a positive light is vital. That’s why the sole exercise of gifting isn’t enough; there’s got to be thought behind the gift, and it’s also got to be useful for the recipient. Hence, you must know your audience before investing in said gifts.


Also, if these gifts are also going to your employees, branding some beach items could help set up any potential summer events you’ve planned. There’s plenty of potential for fun in summer events alone, so cement that bond with some branded merch to take things to the next level!


Gifts for home use

Synonymous with summer is ice cream. If your target gift audience enjoys that cool refreshment, you could prepare a mini hamper with an ice cream-making kit inside and package it all in a stylish, branded box with a personalized message! You can express your gratitude to your coolest clients and thank your team for their efforts throughout the year while providing them with the material to create memories with their loved ones.


And speaking of keeping things cool, what’s cooler than a branded wine cooler with matching branded wine glasses? The answer: not much! Whether for someone who enjoys a cold glass of Chardonnay or for one who loves organzing a chilled summer event, it’s a gift set guaranteed to keep on giving long after the summer days are over.


Summer is also barbecue season, so BBQ cooking kits and snazzy cooking aprons with your logo make for ideal summer gifts. Suitable for the kings and queens of the kitchen and grill or the aspiring chef, these gifts would show the level of thought you’ve put into the whole endeavour. Never forget that, as much as corporate gifting is a branding exercise, it’s also an opportunity to show that you care.


The great outdoors

As mentioned, this season is when many find the time to travel or head outdoors now that the days are longer and sunny weather is guaranteed. Sturdy branded travel backpacks and satchels are ideal for those heading out for an adventure or simply going to the beach. Cooler bags, beach bags and hand-held fans are also unique seasonal needs, so choosing the right product and quality is important too.


Given their practicality, sunglasses and beach towels are classics that will never go out of fashion. However, you’d do well to make them fashionable to ensure their use outdoors. Another surefire way of ensuring your brand remains top of mind is to slap your logo on a Thermos-style water bottle. Hydration is vital during the summer, so if someone’s going to see your logo each time they take a sip, there are few branding exercises better than that!


Give us a shout!

Merchandise Malta is uniquely positioned when it comes to branding products for gifting. We offer hugely competitive rates and are happy to discuss the ideas you already have in mind while discussing alternatives that aren’t even on our already-extensive catalog.


Together, we’ll ensure that your summer gifting campaign hits all the right notes in all the right places and is remembered for a long time until next year, when your team and clients look forward to finding out what you’ll get up to in 2024!

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